Wisdom teeth are the ultimate latecomers to your dental party. At Dentist in Waverly, we see many patients grappling with issues related to their wisdom teeth. But did you know these late bloomers can influence your overall well-being? Let’s delve into what you should know about your wisdom teeth.

Understanding the Basics

Typically, wisdom teeth make their grand entrance between the ages of 17 and 25. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), a whopping 90% of individuals grapple with impacted wisdom teeth. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it struggles to emerge properly due to space constraints.

Implications for Your Oral Health

Having an impacted wisdom tooth warrants a conversation with our skilled dentist. Impacted teeth can trigger infections and cause harm to neighboring teeth. Maintaining proper hygiene around your wisdom teeth, especially at the back of your mouth, is challenging. Neglecting an infected tooth can foster bacterial growth, leading to gum disease and infections.

Wisdom Teeth & Your General Well-being

An infection stemming from your wisdom teeth isn’t just a local issue; it can have broader health implications. According to the AAOMS, oral bacteria finding their way into your bloodstream can pave the path for infections in vital organs like the heart and kidneys. Yes, your pearly whites have a say in your overall health!

Emphasizing the Need for Regular Examinations

Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t causing discomfort, they might still be harboring trouble. Regular check-ups with our experienced team are imperative. We can closely evaluate the condition of your wisdom teeth and nip potential issues in the bud.

Taking Action

We can’t stress enough the importance of routine oral examinations. Our dentist can assess your wisdom teeth’s condition and determine if extraction is necessary. Given their potential impact on both oral and overall health, maintaining a diligent oral hygiene regimen is crucial.

For inquiries about wisdom teeth or to schedule an examination, reach out to Dentist in Waverly today. Your dental health is our priority!

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